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Comet Street Studio


A building of singular purpose, the site a back street scaffold yard with previous industrial usage, had planning permission for an artist's studio: a workspace with basic facilities but of refined intent.

We devised a shallow raft foundation to limit excavation and contamination issues whilst also setting back the line of thrust to prevent surcharging the Victorian retaining wall to the terrace to the right hand side. The base slab has a stiffening upstand which wraps around the timber wall at low level to take up the variation in slope and provides a robust perimeter kerbing. The asymmetric superstructure is formed in jointed strips of cross laminated timber which required careful FE modelling taking account of the varying orthotropic properties of the panels, a discretely integrated steel frame to the large north light opening allows transfer of lateral stability forces whilst maintaining the clean lines. Specialist supplier Vector Foiltec provided the design for the huge 4.5m x 3.8m electric powered openable ETFE pillow roof light.

street view, the studio in its' unglamorous back street setting